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Your Own Branded
e-Commerce Shop

If you’ve ever considered selling online, there is no better time to start than now.  While the barrier to entry to starting an e-commerce website has never been easier, the need for customer trust has never been more critical.  We help sellers build amazing, reputable, and optimized online stores for nearly any type of product.

  • Low Cost
  • Never Pay Commissions!
  • Never pay listing fees
  • Increased profit
  • Protect your brand against shop closure
  • Own your customer
  • Start multi-channel selling in the future

Even if you’re an experienced marketplace seller every seller (Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc) should have their own store to compliment their marketplace selling activity. Building a store outside of your chosen marketplace will not only add to your bottom line but will give you exposure beyond what a marketplace can offer. Most importantly, protect your business with your own shop! Etsy and other marketplaces can close independent seller shops without notice and put a seller out of business. Owning your own shop / e-commerce site, you will be best prepared in case of any business disruption.

Not quite ready to start selling with your own store? Start a brand website and sell at any point in the future when you’re ready!

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Make your online shop more professional than ever with our design service. We will make your brand and e-commerce shop shine with our years of experience and understanding how design influences buyer behavior.

The internet has become more visual, so make your shop & website stand out from the rest!

Beautifully Show Your Products

Show off your products YOUR way. Don’t be stuck with the look and feel of someone else’s marketplace. You spend time making or sourcing the best products and designs, display them how you feel they should look. 

Sell Anything Without Limits

Whether or not you offer t-shirts, hand made soaps, or vintage jewelry, we will make a professional shop to realize your vision and your brand. 

Unlimited products, no listing fees, never a commission!

Keep In Touch With Your Customers. Build Your List.

We help you establish a mailing list for your customers and make them your buyers for life.  Don’t let marketplaces own your customers! Sell directly & market to your customers without the fear of violating marketplace seller policies. Your customers belong to you now.


What Can You Do With A Mailing List?

  • Offer Give Aways
  • Send Tips & Tricks 
  • Send Future Promotions
  • Send Holiday Promotions
  • Special Promos & Offers
What You Get

We offer several website build options for our clients using WordPress and WooCommerce.  We can provide a full custom built e-commerce website or we can jumpstart your project with a semi-custom / prebuilt site that is modified with your look & feel.  If you are more of a DIY client and you like our designs, we have a number of affordable template kits and theme kits available for clients that would like to use our look and feel but self-implement their project.

You receive a fully built and functional website with a beautiful shopping experience for your customers based on a ready made design!  Each site is crafted and unique to your business using industry standard page layouts that are incredibly user friendly and professional.

We use design principles that are tested over time to make every site as universally usable by all devices, screen sizes and operating systems.

  • Custom Brand Website
  • Sell Unlimited Products With Your Shop
  • Payment Processor / Gateway Setup
  • Up To 5 Content Pages – Done For You
  • Gallery + Portfolio
  • Bios
  • Linking To Your Selling Marketplace(s)
  • Full Blogging Experience
  • Testimonials
  • SSL Included*
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Integration To Mailchimp or Similar*
  • Training
How It Works

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for any shop owner or business owner to have a professional site done affordably and quickly. So we have simplified the process for our clients.

1. You will complete a quick survey about your business so we can better understand your unique needs and your industry.

2. If you’ve chosen our packaged  or semi-custom website design service, we will present you options with an overall “Look and Feel” for your brand website, also known as “wire frames”. We will work with you to choose a color scheme and an overall look to the site.

3. You will provide us with relevant content written by you including written content (about your brand, mission, bio, etc) and photographs for any galleries Bio pictures testimonials, etc. 

4. In approximately 10 working days, we will forward you to our client portal to review your site and make note of any changes.

5. We publish your site after approval and it’s yours to work with moving forward.  

Read our FAQ to understand our services further and a comprehensive list of what we do for you and what  the client responsibilities are for each site build.

* Some services only offered when hosted with our company

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