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(We Thought You Might Ask...)

Our mission is to share our experiences being eCommerce entrepreneurs while designing a beautiful online presence for our clients. We understand on-line selling unlike any other web design company and we know marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon and Ebay. We have owned high volume websites and have learned the challenges most store owners experience first hand. We offer insight unlike many other web design companies / agencies.

We are enthusiastic & creative minds

We make websites that tell your brand’s story and convey the image your brand needs to succeed online.

Our Clients Benefit From Our Successes (And Failures)

We have designed and built countless websites and shops over 20 years. We know the design elements that sell and we know the mistakes sellers make when establishing their own branded shops. With the knowledge we have and experience we’ve gained through success and failure, we’ve created beautiful and customizable site packages for nearly any type of business and product. Our experience will save you days, weeks or even months and potentially thousands of dollars in costs working with other developers and designers.

It may sound strange … 

… but we actually love e-commerce and beautiful web design. We have seen simple ideas from friends, family and clients blossom into huge businesses with the help of our services. E-commerce and owning a business online has never been easier with the numerous options for  marketplaces and platforms to sell on. Creating a reputable brand identity and selling through your own store has never been more important. A newcomer to e-commerce has to get through the static of the entire internet to find customers.

This is where we come in! We help you start your brand and website off on the right foot and create a brand image that invites customers to buy.


Meet Your Designers

Phil is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years in online selling. Ever since a young age and with the support of his family, Phil has been creating ideas on ways to sell products and services. In nearly 25 years, Phil has started, grown and sold multiple businesses that have sold many millions of dollars in products online. Phil has contributed to leading e-commerce industry publications and has been asked to speak at the largest Internet Retailing conference in the world.

Phil C

Co-Founder, PixelPerfect

Michael has a long accomplished career in business management consulting that he brings to each and every project no matter the size. Having graduated from a top University, he was snatched up by a leading consulting firm PwC where he then went on IBM to run some consulting and management projects for some of the largest companies in the world. He rose through the ranks at record speed until he chose to go out on his own and control his own destiny with consulting and development.

Michael is a FANATIC about online privacy and this shows with his diligence in our security and data processing.

When he’s not obsessing about privacy  – he’s off cooking some amazing food and traveling the world.

Mike M

Co-Founder, PixelPerfect

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