Why Amazon Sellers Need Their Own Website

Reduce your exposure to sudden seller central account closure by expanding your brand and selling direct to customers.

Being an Amazon seller can be incredibly successful, however leaving that success up to a platform that can terminate selling privileges without notice puts everything a merchant has built at risk. By having your own integrated store, you mitigate risks of Amazon store closure and can sell directly to customers thereby avoiding ever increasing commissions and fees.   

How We Help Amazon Sellers

Import and launch products into your own store

Selling direct makes sense for all Amazon seller central businesses. Not only do you save money on listing and transaction fees when you sell direct, but you own your customer for life. When selling on marketplace platforms, most shop owners don’t realize that the customer belongs to Amazon, not the shop owner.  Your Shop. Your Customer.

Sell direct, fulfill through FBA, sync your inventory and make more money.

Start A Brand Website & Display Your Amazon Seller Central Products & Reviews

Perhaps as a seller, you’re perfectly happy selling on Amazon only. However, starting a brand website, blog and galleries, you can easily display your Amazon items for your visitors to be directed to purchase on Amazon. 

Launch Your Store on Amazon as a First Time Amazon Seller

If you’ve been selling online and you want to expand to Amazon, we can help. Let us help you launch your products that you sell on Amazon and expand your market.  Properly connecting your online store and Amazon seller central account means you can increase sales, manage orders, and sync inventory with ease. 

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