Brands, Blogs & Affiliate Websites

Why A Brand Website?

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased Visibility
  • Get Discovered Outside Of Marketplaces
  • Collect Customer Contact Info
  • Show Off Your Services, Creations & Products
  • Integrate Your Social Media
  • Share & Inspire With A Blog
  • Direct People Where To Buy 
  • Introduce Yourself To Customers & The World

Every business should have a brand presence outside of their chosen marketplace platforms. Your own branded site builds recognition of your business, blog and store outside of the traditional marketplaces and positions you as a seller to rapidly move into direct e-ecommerce should there ever be an issue with your favorite marketplace (i.e. having your shop disabled or the marketplace fees increasing to unsustainable levels). 

Protect your brand for and prepare for a multichannel selling sooner than later.

Beautiful Product Galleries

Show your stuff with amazing gallery photography.  Upload limitless photos to your gallery and show customers your craft. 

The internet has become more visual, so make your photos pop!

Speak To Your Customers

Speak to the world about your products, inspirations, and anything else that comes to mind with a brand blog that turns readers into buyers.

Capture Customer Leads From Your Marketplace

For sellers that just want a brand website or blog, we will show you the best practices on getting customers from your marketplace shop over to your website to subscribe to a newsletter that you can forever use for marketing directly to customers without violating communications policies with various marketplaces. This is where we like tell shops and sellers to OWN THEIR CUSTOMERS.

What Can You Do With A Mailing List?

  • Offer Give Aways
  • Send Tips & Tricks 
  • Send Future Promotions
  • Send Holiday Promotions
  • Send Buy Direct Offers
What You Get

With our Brand website builds, you receive a fully built and functional website with all industry standard  pages comprising, in part of the below elements. Each site is crafted and unique to your business using industry standard page layouts that are incredibly user friendly and professional.  

  • Custom Brand Website
  • Up To 5 Content Pages – Done for you + all standard pages such as blog archives, posts, 404 pages, etc.
  • Gallery + Portfolio
  • Bios
  • Linking To Your Selling Marketplace(s) if applicable
  • Full Blogging Experience
  • Testimonials
  • SSL Included*
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Integration To Mailchimp*

If our packaged sites based on our template / theme kits don’t fit your exact need, we’ll build a fully custom site to your specifications.

How It Works

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for any shop owner or business owner to have a professional site done affordably and quickly. So we have simplified the process for our clients.

1. You will complete a quick form about your business so we can better understand your industry.

2. We will present you options with an overall “Look and Feel” for your brand website. We will work with you to choose a color scheme and an overall look to the site.

3. You will provide us with relevant content written by you including written content (about your brand, mission, bio, etc) and photographs for any galleries Bio pictures testimonials, etc. 

4. In approximately 14 working days, we will forward you to our client portal to review your site and make note of any changes.

5. We publish your site after approval and it’s yours to work with moving forward.  

Read our FAQ to understand our services further and a comprehensive list of what we do for you and what  the client responsibilities are for each site build.

*Some features only available to clients that host with us.

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