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We try to be as clear as possible about our services, however we know you may still have questions. Below are the most asked questions and we’ll be adding to this list if more questions arise. 

Don’t forget that you can always reach us by live chat (lower left corner bubble) or by sending us a support form here.

We make our pricing as easy as possible – For a Brand Website, our flat fee is $299 & you get 4 months of free hosting ($60 value)

For a full e-commerce / Shop + Brand site, our flat fee is $599 & you receive 4 months of free hosting ($100 value)

We have spent a lot of time templating portions of websites that are commonly used with the best design practices. With these templated sections, we save an enormous amount of time creating client websites. Less time = less cost. 

So when choosing one of our packages, we’ve already done a lot of the time consuming construction. 

This saves time & money for every client!

We aim to have each project completed within 1 week. However, some sites are more complex and require more time. We will advise if there is additional time required.

Additionally, the 1 week completion assumes the client provides all information necessary in a timely manner.

For each website build, you will need to provide all text for each of your content pages (we do not do copywriting). Additionally any images for galleries, portfolios, etc. 

If you are having a Shop built, we will need product pictures and images for the first 10 products that are included. (You’ll be given instructions on how to add more products moving forward)

We offer live chat and support email. On occasion we may need to speak by phone. But you can reach us any time with your questions with our support chat (when we’re online) or through our forms on our support page (link)

This depends. Not all chat services and apps are compatible – however MOST are.  So if this is a feature you’d like on your shop or brand site, let us know – we’ll help get it going for you.

Unfortunately, we are not content writers. Not that we’re unable to, but no one understands their business and products like the site / shop owner. So we encourage our clients to take the time and write amazing descriptions and content about their brand. We’re happy to look it over for typos, however!

Absolutely! You have full control over everything in your site. We prefer you update your own content so you can learn how simple it is and be encouraged to keep adding photos, blog posts, products and more!

You can even hire someone else to make changes (we can help as well)

Absolutely not! You can host your site anywhere you’d like. However we do offer discounts on our site designs when using our managed Hosting services. 

Of Course! If we have built a Brand Site for you, and you haven’t altered it substantially, it’s a simple and quick process to add a shop. The cost of your original site build is credited towards the shop site!

Of Course! While most shops and brand sites can be professionally presented with only 5 static content pages, some may require more. In this case, you just tell us what you need and we will come up with the most affordable way to get exactly what you want / need.

First, we hope that is not the case, ever!  But if it does happen, we will work with you to fix things that are incorrect and make it great. But you should know, prior to ever starting – you will have the ability to choose layouts, pages, and everything that makes up a professional website. We do this in advance so there are no problems when the site is finished!

If you are using our Hosting Service – we take care of that for you! Our hosting includes update services to make sure your website / shop is always running on the most stable versions of templates, store software, security patches, etc. 

If you decided to host your own store or have a third party hosting company host your website / shop, then they will have tools for you to do updates as needed.

The term “website maintenance” is very broad, so we’ll break it down to what we do and do NOT maintain. 

If you are using our Hosting Service, we make sure everything is up to date. 

If you mean “maintain” as in make new content and manage your shop, no – we do not do that. 

As many as your heart desires! Unlimited products, categories, tags, everything is unlimited (within the constraints of the software being used). 

Absolutely!  We do not see your customer payment details nor can anyone else. NO CREDIT CARD DATA IS STORED ON OUR SERVERS This is stored (if ever) with the payment provider like Stripe, Paypal, etc.  

This is possible for sellers that have a lot of products already on Etsy. This is not included in the standard shop that we build, however it is not expensive. The import prices start at $69 and go up to $250 for shops with thousands of products. This is quoted on a per shop basis.

We have been doing multi-channel selling for nearly 20 years. So if you need help with multi-channel management, let us know and we can point you in the right direction or you can request a cost analysis of your project.

Hosting Specific FAQ

During your site creation, you will tell us what email account(s) you want, and they’ll be ready to go when your site goes live.  

After your site goes live, you can add more email accounts through a self-service portal or just by asking us.

Every Store (and Brand Site) is equipped with industry standard SSL for security. If you have a special request for a different secure certificate from a third party, we will assist on getting that installed.

If you are using our Hosting Services, we will always make sure your site and the various plugins, templates, PHP versions are up to date. 

If you are using your own hosting company, we are not able to provide any service or updates.

We use the best quality commercial hosting partnerships to provide maximum speed for your site. We also include caching with each site build to maximize performance. However, if you begin to add software, plugins, video, etc – you may see decreased performance.

Contact Us (Link) and we will get right on it! (But to be honest, this rarely happens)

This depends, actually. We use various corporate hosting partners for services. But we do require all hosting data centers that hold our data and our customer websites to be located in the USA. So your sites will never be in a third world country in someone’s basement running off of a car battery 😉

For all practical purposes, there are no limits to the services. However that is also determined by “fair use”.  For example if you have signed up to have a web shop selling hand made buttons but then start streaming pornography from your account, that is obviously not acceptable.  

If you require FTP access for any reason, just let us know – we will send you your FTP user & password promptly.

Of Course, the site is yours and you can host it anywhere you want! We will give you a site package at the end of development that you can keep as a backup and put on any compatible hosting service (most).  In case of the need or desire to move to a new hosting company, we will help export your site and a current snapshot of everything currently published on your site (blog posts, products, etc)  

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