Prosoft Binders

Complex product customizations in WooCommerce to improve order flow.

The Client

ProSoft is a unique company that produces products for pilots and the pilot interview process. The company has been around many years creating the best in the industry pilot logbooks and providing additional resources for new and experienced pilots to interview for new positions.

The Project

Having been in business since the early 2000s, the business has evolved in providing more and more custom products for their clients. The business had run on the basic cart functionality offered by Network Solutions hosting services which didn’t allow for product customization. Because of this, every order required hours of processing and manual intervention.

In 2021, a choice was made to create a website that allowed clients to design and upload their details to be produced in a more automated way.

ProSoft used PixelPerfect to create a website to overhaul the process of customization for clients. The site was revamped and every product was designed with a product customizer to allow customers to choose options, upload files, and select unique combinations of add-ons. In addition, the products have the capability to dynamically price the final order based on granular criteria, adding to the bottom line profit to every order.

The result was a smoother workflow, increased margins and a huge jump in order completions / conversions.

The Tools

Product Customizer Elementor Kadence Jet Engine