The best Etsy alternative is owning your own store


Consider A Brand Site

Your an Etsy seller and you’re happy with offering your products on the Etsy platform…. for now.

Open your brand and expose it to the world outside of Etsy. Show your creations and work through beautiful galleries and communicate with your customers with a blog.

Start your journey of email marketing with collecting email addresses from Etsy customers and potential customers from outside of the Etsy marketplace.

Add a store when you’re ready to start selling directly within a few days!

my own etsy website
open your own shop off of etsy


You Really Should Have A Shop

Whether you are just wanting to expand your selling outside of Etsy or you are getting product take down notices and risk having your Etsy shop closed at a moments notice, you should always consider having your own store.

Etsy can close your store without notice, so be prepared by having your own online Shop.

The term “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies more now than ever.

Concerned about the increasing fees on the Etsy platform? Having your own eCommerce website means no commissions, no listing fees, and no random offsite advertising fees that are now a requirement for Etsy sellers and impossible to audit.

The best alternative to Etsy is to own  a store that you can completely control.

As for securely hosting your site? We have you covered!

We’re not just going to hand over a site and send you on your way (unless that’s what you want!). We will host and manage the security and updates for you so you don’t have to worry about the little things that take time away from your business. 

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